Welcome back Wired

I don’t know how many of you remember Wired magazine’s abortive attempt at a UK edition a few years ago but they’ve decided to give it another go.

Some would think it’s not the best time to launch anything! Especially something with online and a print mix. Blending technology, culture, economics and government the US parent has been around since the baby steps of the internet (1993) and despite the dot.com boom is still there. Slightly convoluted behind the scenes the website and the news-stand have been reunited since 2006 launching an Italian version in February and a UK one in April.

Personally I hope it succeeds. I lamented the demise of the earlier incarnation, sadly my pennies couldn’t sustain it on their own. I’ve never picked up an edition of either the US or UK flavour and not found something of interest. Its moved from a slightly geeky tech only viewpoint to a wider stance covering contemporary culture through the lens of technology thankfully it still indulges future techno-lust over the latest inventions and innovations while retaining the odd corporate and governmental conspiracy theory.

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