Facebook drives mobile net

What came first?
The Tweet? The Poke? The chirp? The Dig? The Nudge? The txt? The phone? The PDA?

CSS Insight reveals that a third of young people regularly access Facebook/Twitter through their mobile device. This makes perfect sense, we want it NOW. What’s the point in being young and tweeted or poked up and not being able to return in kind instantly. Playing quip tennis, re-poking, group tweeting, über poking, super poking, re-tweeting, tash hagging and slagging is where their world is at. If I get an interesting twitpic link then I’m very likely to view it and comment.

twitter bird by caligraffiti

Firstly the devices. They’ll have to be type and camera friendly with plenty of memory and good throughput. Secondly the service providers. They’ll have to deliver speed, coverage and bandwidth. The web interfaces and extras will have to enhance content, provide some sort of ROI (and don’t think just straight cash) for the creators/investors as well as allowing for expansion and third party intergration.

The question is how are you going to leverage this? Today and tomorrow. Yes the majority of users in this piece are yoof. But what of the other demographics. Soon we’re going to have 4G, faster processors and different levels of personal and social transparency. We’ll have GPS giving us context for the content too, local information dependent on where you are standing.

But what of other demographics? By focusing too much on the yoofs there is a danger of missing out on the potential of other sectors.

Here’s more of the story here.

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