Does your business need a real

Does your business need a real

Does your business need a real

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What our design delivers for you

  • Look good

    Ensure you look professional at all times

Always look professional.

  • Grow Customers

    Great design maintains attention and draws in new customers

Attract and retain customers


  • Hearts & Minds

    Effective design connects with your audience's emotions

Stay relevant, make connections.

  • Brand Building

    A recognisable, cohesive presence builds credibility.

Consistency builds trust.

  • Mark of Distinction

    Differentiate, stand out from the crowd

Differentiate from competitors.

What our design delivers for you


Look consistently professional

Ensure you look your best at all times

Shopping frenzy

Attract customers and retain existing clients.

Great design maintains attention and draws in new customers


Stay relevant and make a genuine connection

Effective design connects with your audience on an emotional level.

hello my old friend

Consistency builds trust

A easily recognisable, cohesive presence engenders credibility and trust

On target

Mark of distinction

Differentiate, highlight uniqueness, stand out from the chasing pack

Solutions like these.

Here's some we made earlier. A curated gallery of work from endeavours in-house, design agencies, dot com, government and running my own practice.

Astro Walk with Pencil
Branding, Identity, Website

Marsans Gitlin Baker

MGB are a London law firm with an international reach, always punching above their weight. Continued growth and evolution brought the need for a new name, identity and platform into sharp focus. Working with senior leadership we created and deployed the new identity across print and web.

Branding, Design, Marketing, Website

Ellie Sanderson Bridal

The fast pace of bridal fashion never stops, so remaining one step ahead of the chasing pack is vital. With an eyes on contemporary trends as well as classic visual clues we ensure that Ellie remains 'always Fabulous'. 

Branding, Identity, Website, Social Media

Lodestone / Mortgages and Protection

A new independent player in the highly competitive mortgage and protection space. Bringing a fresh, proactive and unambiguous voice to an often confusing and veiled industry. We wanted to reflect the positive, 'can do' ethos with a strong and distinctive visual solution. Already gaining national coverage this company is going places. 

Exhibition and Display

The Outdoor Classroom

A brilliant idea. Combine the natural curiosity of children with learning activities, all as they navigate from point to point outdoors.
Easily customisable by teachers and adaptable to any terrain or space, it's engaging exercise for mind and body! 

Branding, Identity, Mechandise, Advertising, Publishing

Charles Crown / Silicon Wolf

Design with bit of bite. The frontier of virtual finance can be a scary place. Silicon Wolf, an initiative from Charles Crown gives each delegate the ability to educate and protect themselves from the intangible worlds of crypto, blockchain and NFTs. A voice of authority with a paw on the pulse of future finance. 

Branding, Identity, Packaging

Honey by Numbers

It's honey but now as we know it. Honey with extras. Super Honey if you like! Natural, locally harvested honey available in both original form and carefully blended with tasty, healthy extras. The food of the ages gets a modern twist. A sweet riot of flavours and blends all staying true to the core principles of health and wellbeing. 

Caught Your Eye is the design practice of Jonathan Harris.

Decades of design industry experience, both printed and digital.

Creating and delivering effective design and marketing solutions that connect with customers and grow your business. An integrated approach delivering both the insightful and inspired.


I have been so lucky... lucky, lucky, lucky

Here are some of the great companies and organisations I've been privileged to help reach their goals. Whether directly working solo or from within a larger agency. Great partnerships formed, colleagues and friends for life.

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in design and marketing

Don't settle for second best.

Established and want to grow, diversify or level up your business? You're in the right place.

Giving start-ups the best launch into their market.

What they keep saying...

Don't settle for second best

If you're a start up then give it the best launch into life.

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What they keep saying...

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