Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

I’d just like to highlight the work of Ben Goldacre. If you’re not aware of him he’s the scourge of the sloppy, the glib and the charlatan. A doctor and journalist by trade, his passion is challenging and exposing the folly of many of the scientific norms that we happily accept without question.

Most of this is common sense. A basic knowledge of high school science, a curious mind, and the gumption to ask the obvious question is all that’s needed to join him in his quest to bring a healthy dose of reality and accountability to the often gullible and reactionary media.


I’m pretty confident that a brief exposure to his work will find you shaking your head at the obvious slight of hand and misdirection employed in pseudo science. Also the equal willingness of folk to readily accept what they’re fed without any critical thought whatsoever.

There is a book. This is the distillation of his column for the guardian and the core of his crusade.

He’s also probably not on Patrick Holford or Gillian McKeith‘s Christmas card lists.

At the end of any investigation I imagine Ben doesn’t demand that you agree with him, just make an explored and informed decision and please, think for yourself.

Here’s the recent items from Ben’s column.

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