Wedi 7: Portmeirion

susan-ibizaAnother report with Nia Jones from Wedi 7, for S4c (Welsh Language Channel 4)

The Design Museum is hosting a small retrospective of the work of Portmeirion Pottery, specifically the work of Susan Williams-Ellis. In doing further research into this lady before the recording I was struck by what an extraordinary life she had. It seems that her every waking moment was interwoven with remarkable creativity and artistry.

Born in 1918 into the lap of the Bloomsbury set, and graduating through the notorious art schools of the day she was a trailblazer in ceramic design. She set the tone for the dining tables of post war Britain, literally breaking then remaking the moulds of contemporary pottery. Her legacy was to revolutionise tableware for the masses, bringing style and a blend of functional elegance out of the dresser and into everyday use.

Here’s a more eloquent obit. for this quiet yet extraordinary lady from The Times

This was an early morning shoot with Wedi7, with the guys shooing some location and longer background shots after I’d done my bit. They key I’m finding to this telly lark is preparation, breathing and talking slower than usual, oh and more preparation. I’m looking forwards to the next challenge.


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