Do you design green?

Great article about sustainable design by Anna Gerber

By all means read it (and the other parts of the series) and then have a think about the following.

Anna’s piece is about the supply chain but you can have a make this a part of a larger environmental consideration.

When you work with your favourite designer do you wonder about the consequences of your work? For those of you experiencing a sharp intake of breath don’t worry you’re not about to be preached at! Just ask your designer to go green. Seriously it’s been made easy for them to source recycled papers – and not the pasty beige papers of yesteryear, I’m talking about shiny, polished quality papers, suitable for the loftiest multinational as well as a nightclub flier. And printed in water based non-water table destroying inks too.

There are so many resources online, local and national. It can also gain a subsidy and work out cheaper. There’s no reason why your design, advertising and creativity shouldn’t be green from start to finish. Make it one of the constituents of the brief that you ask your roster to work to, before they know it it’ll become second nature.

Just try not to recycle ideas!

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