Branding helps your business grow

Maybe I’m preaching to the converted here but having a clear identity not only allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, it also enables you to clearly signal changes and growth within your organisation.

This piece in the Washington Post, highlights how business and utilities use branding to signal a clear change of intent, personality and focus. Moving from being a simple function of naming into something more characterful, emotive and dare I say it ‘holistic’ a good branding strategy and a programme of consistent implementation will strengthen and protect a brand for the future.¬†Businesses that spend on design and branding, get a greater return.

An added bonus is that a brand with clarity and depth will find it much easier to engage with its stakeholders. The less doubt there is about your values and direction the more approachable you become. Reaching beyond customers a brand needs more than simple income to grown long term. Tapping into the emotive qualities beyond the simple product or service ensures it remains unique and significantly raises it’s chances of continued growth and profitability. ¬†When people know what you stand for they find it easier to trust you and talk to you.

Let’s remember though, that branding goes far further than the logos and taglines mentioned in the article. Branding pervades everything you do, from your shop-front to the way you answer the phone, its a lot more than the obvious items like business cards and that shiny new website. If you don’t ensure the little things are as ‘on brand’ as the big things then ultimately the strategy will fail.

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