Superbrands 09

Ok, deep breath… It seems that Microsoft has regained its spot as the number one consumer brand in the UK.
4.British Airways
10. Encyclopaedia Britannica
Yes I know the Superbrands people asked 2000 good men and women, honest and true… But what’s your reaction to that list, does it ring true to you? Here’s some more information for you to ponder… The criteria are:
Quality. Does the brand represent quality products and services?
Reliability. Can the brand be trusted to deliver consistently against its promises and maintain product and service standards at all customer touch points?
Distinction. Is the brand not only well known in its sector but suitably differentiated from its competitors? Does it have a personality and values that make it unique within its market place?
I’m not always huge fan of Microsoft, from my perspective they don’t always deliver or make the best of anything, just maintain a market position through monopoly and imitation. I don’t even want to open the Apple/Microsoft/Linux etc etc debate, I just wonder who those 2000 are and what the criteria they get onto the sample for this poll.
Surely to be of worth they have to have comparative and critical facilities and most importantly opportunity – which most people who use those brands don’t – I couldn’t for instance decide between operating systems, I’ve used Windows in various flavours, Apple ditto and Sun unix – I’ve never used NeXT or Linux, and I’ve never flown BMI Baby or Lufthansa… and like the majority of people have not owned a Mercedes.
…ok getting to my point, looking at that list my conclusions are bemused to say the least, how can Lego fail to deliver consistently (at all) compared to Mercedes and Microsoft!? How can Britannica be anything but unique and personality rich?
Are the respondents just ticking things they’re familiar with? If so I can understand Microsoft’s ubiquity being a reason for its prominence.


Ok, deep breath… it seems that Microsoft has regained its spot as the number one consumer brand in the UK.

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