Recession Marketing

Here’s a collection of op eds.

Over in the US Advertising Age have collected the great and the good and picked their brains

I’d draw your attention to the maxim of not lower your prices. But you should offer something, offer VALUE not cheap. Don’t lower your bottom line, it’s called a bottom line for a reason but offer more value in your offering, offer more services, offer bundles, offer collaborations and extras. Louis Vuitton famously don’t do ‘sale’, Apple say ‘buy a Mac and get an iPod’ at no point do they lower the price.

Drop the extras that you charge clients, stuff that you pad out from subcontractors drop it – let them find that stuff themselves if they want to. You’ll save time and the bill that they get from you will be less – and that’s an important perception.

Additional: Lexus have just tweaked their offering in the USA, they’re offering more value rather than discount as well.

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