Picasso At Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool have announced a rare viewing of 150 works by Picasso in their Albert Dock gallery. It’s a bit of a way off, starting in May 2010. So if you’re not local then you’ve got another excuse, plan ahead and swing by the city on the Mersey.


If it’s been a while since you visited Liverpool then you might not recognise the place, the European money to my (occasionally visiting) eye has been well spent. Yes it still needs to reach further into the Wirral and it certainly need to be felt in the further outlaying districts of Liverpool, that are far from the photogenic and easily accessible riverside. The City of Culture was a great success. I was there for many of the events, my personal highlight being the Tall Ships Race.

Exhibitions like this will not only further access to the top echelon of modern art to different parts of the country but hopefully continue to inspire the art and design communities in the region – and if you didn’t know already the Liverpool design community is very much alive and kicking.


If you can’t wait until May 2010 to visit Tate Liverpool then catch the Rothko exhibition there in October, a rare reuniting of the Seagram Murals. I don’t know how they’re going to be hung and presented on the ground floor of the Albert Dock space but I saw them at Tate Modern in London and their density and rich, warm presence was awesome.

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