Creativity is the answer

Great piece by Jim Prior of The Partners on regarding creativity in business.

He highlights the usual lip-service that happens when you sit down a businessperson and subject them to a survey. Yes they say creativity is important, after all they’re hardly going to say it isn’t – that would be so un-cool, so un Apple, Virgin, Google, Nike, Sony, YouTube etc – all they people they want to be without the commitment and effort that takes. Though when asked to truly understand what’s asked and act on it they come up short.

For the vast majority of business challenges the solution involves creativity. There will be process and physical elements but the start of the solution is the idea. Creating and sustaining an environment where free speech, expression and an organic flow of ideas is difficult. It requires a change in culture and it costs but the eventual benefits provide a massive return on investment both to the firm, its employees and the wider community.

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