The challenge was to balance representing the ethnicity of Bangladesh with a contemporary style that would appeal to fundraisers in the UK as a new charity launches.

Dyshari is a UK charity founded by a team of doctors and lawyers in the UK with the goal of supporting and offering practical medical help, education and logistics in the disenfranchised and socially excluded parts of Bangladesh. The logo had to be very much of the Bangladesh cuture but strong enough and relevant enough to strike a chord in the UK for fundraising and profile.

The logotype is derived on the blue robin magpie, the national bird of Bangladesh. Its it made up of many more smaller birds, all in different hues of blue. These represent the many young women who would be the main target of the charity, spreading education on health and wellbeing throughout their communities, one teaching the other and so on.

It had to be a strong sympathetic visual to enable it to work with an often illiterate clientele and also be soft enough not to offend an often politically charged environment.

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