Land Rover


An iconic British brand.
The brief asked several questions...

How do you drive sales internally?
How do you reinforce core values visually?
How do you enable autonomy but ensure consistency across a wide distribution area?
How do you encourage aftersales in the face of third party resellers?

The LandRover aftercare, accessories and servicing business needs to emphasise the benefits of returning to LandRover for both mechanical and aesthetic items. There is a lot of rich visual appeal in the LandRover world, from the industrial and agricultural traditional markets to the urban, glamourous and privileged environments that have seen the brand revived and go from strength to strength.

We've also combined this with our work on the Land Rover extranet interface design, allowing individual franchises to create custom printed items specifically for their dealerships but still within the brand standards.

As you can expect some of these elements have been altered or obscured to preserve client confidentiality.

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