Nokia LA Live


How do you come up with a create solution that highlights an international brand taking the naming rights of a large theatre venue in Los Angeles with the biggest stage in North America?

The eventual solution was that ee created a series of projections onto the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, the neighbour of Nokia LA Live, visible by both pedestrian traffic and commuters on the eight lane highway opposite.

Nokia specifically asked to receive a solution that tapped into the connection between mobile devices and street or youth culture. The theatre is a prominent concert venue and part of a larger leisure and shopping complex and therefore has a considerable footfall in the targeted demographic.

In all nearly thirty individual 'posters' were developed, the best and favourite appear right.

Other solutions proposed were a user driven photo story shown on a giant mobile phone projected onto the same space as the posters - complete with a working number that people could text and MMS to in real time, subject to moderation by the project team.

The soap opera would be a pastiche of current US programmes, with each episode being shot and composited during the day in response to user votes and suggestions - ready for the evening projection.

This has several advantages, firstly the collection of a vast amount of user data and permissions, secondly it made the display an appointment rather than just passive background wallpaper.

Selection of finished 'rough pixel virtual posters'
Build up of image colour by colour
Exterior / Interior
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