Harrisment designs WordCamp Portsmouth

It’s July so that means one thing (well and rain) and that it’s time for WordCamp.

Every year the UKs best, most passionate, curious and innovative WordPress folk gather and dance naked smeared in loam around piles of burnt out monitors (sorry wrong weekend!) …gather round and hear presentations from across the whole spectrum of WordPress life, from basic users and bloggers on WordPress.com to the developers and code gurus involved in moving the platform forward and large and frankly very impressive enterprise installations. There’s something for everyone regardless of technical level or ability.

The schedule is determined in advance by the attendees. We do our best to attract sponsors to reduce the cost of the tickets and also provide some social events around the conference. Remember even geeks have partners!

I’m happy to say that this year’s event was heralded as ‘the best branded event’ by one of the delegates. I’ve collected all the visuals together here for your viewing pleasure.

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