Harrisment becomes a Bright Spark

During the Design Business Association (DBA)’s The Edge event in December, illustrious design pioneers  selected 11 ‘bright sparks’ from an audience of 140, chosen because ‘of the insight, knowledge and interest’ that they displayed during the day.

This status gives them access to the design pioneers, through masterclasses where they are able to tap into their experience in an informal and unique way  taking the group on a new design journey of self-development and discovery.

Our Bright sparks are:

Design pioneer/Bright spark

Tim Molloy/ Phil Dolman Studio DB Ltd
Howard Milton/ Joe Bakowski Stocks Taylor Benson
Richard Seymour/ Christopher Laughton Barlow Doherty
Tom Lloyd/ David Rutter Boxer
Nicolas Roope/ Anja Kluver Prospect
Michael Wolff/ Amy Vernon Cohesion
Matt Pyke/ James Hurst COG Design
Michael C Place/ Karen O’Neill Circle
Malcolm Garrett/Jonathan Harris Harrisment
Rob O’Connor/Lindsay Barchan Met Studio
Erik Spiekermann/Martin Nixon Nixon

And for those of you eagle eyed enough to spot it I’m among those selected!


This is a long overdue blog as it was months ago. The Edge was a great event, two days of great company, amazing speakers and valuable insights and inspiration. I’ll be reporting on what a year as a Bright Spark is really like at a later date. I’m really honoured and chuffed to have been picked, I didn’t even know I was being interviewed! I’m in the company of some very talented and clever people.

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