Unveiling a Bold Transformation

We are thrilled to introduce you to Caught Your Eye .
A reimagined and revitalised incarnation of the Harrisment design platform you've come to know and love.

Our journey of evolution is driven by a commitment to innovation, customer respect and a passion for delivering excellence.

CYE Logo White

Embracing Change, Embracing You

We step into a new era, one that is defined by fresh perspectives and a renewed sense of purpose. Our evolution is more than just a change in appearance; it's a reflection of our dedication to staying relevant, forward-thinking, and customer-centric. We have to recognise that nothing stays the same. It was time to reframe our core values into a more engaging and accessible form. We always preach that brands aren't fixed points and that includes us too!

New Identity

Our new logo, colour palette, and design elements embody the essence of our brand's evolution. It's a visual signal that mirrors the world we live in. You'll see more of this as the identity is rolled out. Needless to say it will still be quirky and unique.

Essential Services

We've refocused our services to meet the changing needs of our customer base. I've listened to your feedback and responded with a solution that aligns with the business and cultural landscape.

What does that mean in non-design gibberish? It means a more direct and streamlined focus on graphic and web design. Other services such as consulting and strategy will be realised through a different vehicle which we're currently developing.

Keeping it clear and direct: What does this mean for you? Better value. Quicker delivery.

Welcome to the Future with Caught Your Eye

I invite you to explore this website and you'll see some old favourites and as the practice grows new work and different directions.

Embrace the change. Embrace the possibilities.
Welcome to a new chapter.

All the best,

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